Everybody loves IKEA, but…

Joyce XR
2 min readJan 13, 2021

I want to say that the IKEA website has something that needs to be improved.

During the lockdown, I was trying to order a standing desk online at IKEA.

I found one product that I loved, saw the message “Available for delivery in select locations” with a green dot. I assumed it should be deliverable to my location.

However, when I checked out, the page showed warning messages saying “Delivery is unavailable” & “Excluding delivery”. Honestly, the information was a little bit confusing and ambiguous. I had to go back, kept browsing, picked a similar product, and checked out again to see if it’s deliverable. It’s kind of wasting time. Eventually, I lost my patient and bought the standing desk somewhere else.

I wonder if IKEA could notify me of “deliverable or not “ when I browsing the products on the product page. The green dot should represent that product is deliverable, or at least it should show a list of locations deliverable for the customer. What do you say?

Starting today, I’ll write my personal thoughts or inspirations while learning UX/UI designs. Hoping I could be a better person when I look back. Cheers!